Grey Paisley Tie Box Set

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Grey Paisley Tie Box Set

Introducing the Victory & Innsbruck ultimate groomsman tie gift set box including grey paisley tie, tie clip, pocket square, matching socks, cuff links and tie clip. Coordinate the groom, best man and groomsmen on your wedding day right down to their matching socks for the perfect modern gentleman's look. This is the perfect gift for groomsmen and a set they can reuse at any event including weddings, christenings, race days, balls, proms, cruise ships or any formal occasion. This set is the perfect gift for any man.


Grey Paisley Tie

A premium Victory & Innsbruck tie, finished in a classic paisley pattern. Ideal for any special occasion. The tie measures 144cm in length and 7cm in width at its widest point.

Grey Paisley Pocket Square

A premium Victory & Innsbruck pocket square, finished in a classic paisley finish; the ideal accompaniment to any blazer.

Grey Luxury Socks

Luxury combed cotton socks to keep you comfortable and on your feet all day; finished with the classic Victory and Innsbruck stamp. Matched colour to give your outfit the coordinated gentleman's finish.

Tie Clip

The key to looking finished and smart from dusk until dawn; secure your tie for the gentleman's finish; all day.

Grey Paisley Cufflinks

With these cuff links you’ll have a classic finishing piece for your double-cuff shirts; all matched in the classic paisley finish.

Vegan Friendly

Our tie and pocket squares are vegan friendly.

Material: Polyester